dayumgoodvibez asked: I really love your blog. I'm such a Robyn freak its not even funny. :) Good vibessssss

Thanks bae

teamofrihanna asked: Hi! could you make a photo collage with pictures of Rih from 2005 to 2013 (today), without space between every pic? Thank you in advance.

I can’t promise, but ok ☺️

pourituprih asked: You knew that rihanna post a photo from you blog on Intagram?


marieselina asked: which your 5 favorite tumblrs from rihanna?

Only fuckyeahrihanna

gangstarlife asked: you could do an edit with personal photos of rihanna please?

I can’t promise but ok☺️

duchessjade asked: Hii. ;) Your blog & edits are amazing ♥ love it

Thanks 💛